Kangaroo leather has a softness, pliability and durability, with extraordinary tensile strength, unlike most other leathers. We love the quality of Australian leathers and have a range of kangaroo products for you to choose from.

At Coral Coast Leather, we either handcraft the products ourselves, or source them from other long-established businesses, with a shared commitment to quality. Each of our kangaroo leather products are proudly Australian made. Created using skins obtained through the Government’s kangaroo conservation scheme. Our kangaroo leather products include handmade belts, wallets and hats, as well as a selection of unique souvenir items. Kangaroo leather products, ready to be shipped across the country and world.


All our belts are Australian made. Handcrafted by experienced craftsmen with an absolute commitment to quality. Kangaroo leather belts.

The BeltsAre sourced from Badgery Belts, who are based in Brisbane. They've been making plaited belts since the 1960’s and have a reputation as a producer of quality Australian handmade belts.

Each of our kangaroo leather belts has been handmade with care and quality. The skins are obtained through the Government’s kangaroo conservation scheme and are tanned with an extract from the bark of the wattle tree. The thongs are cut and prepared by hand. Nowhere has the art of plaiting (or braiding) leather, been more truly practised than in Australia. Since pioneering days, plaiting kangaroo leather has been widely practised in Australia, particularly on the remote sheep and cattle stations of the outback and in the drovers camps and shearing sheds giving this old art a unique Australian style. The belts are Hand Plaited Kangaroo Leather. High Strength. Light Weight. Great Quality. For more information contact Coral Coast Leather on (07) 4093 8174 or norman.guy@crocbelts.com or visit us in Kuranda.

“We are proud to stock kangaroo belts that are individually handmade in Queensland by Badgery Belts."

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